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Smallpox and Mpox (Monkeypox) Preventing Vaccine


Tonix has developed an attenuated, one-dose, live orthopoxvirus (horsepox) vaccine candidate (TNX-801) with the potential capability to protect against smallpox and Mpox (monkeypox). We have shown in non-human primate (NHP) studies that the vaccine was well-tolerated, safe, and produces innate, humoral and T-cell immunity and has the potential to reduce forward transmission after virus challenges1. It is a 4th generation vaccine which uses synthetic biology in its design. Horsepox vaccine activity against smallpox was first noted by Jenner in the 18th century and Next Gen sequencing has shown >99% homology between it and “vaccinia” used successfully in smallpox eradication starting in the 19th century2. At present, the threat from smallpox (laboratory escape and rogue actors) and the lethal Clade 1 Mpox (natural outbreaks) is seen by experts as unacceptably high3 making TNX-801 development timely. Multiple further studies4,5 have shown TNX-801 to be 10-1000 times as attenuated as earlier 2nd generation vaccinia virus (ACAM2000), the predominant government stockpile vaccine for use in the event of a wider scale smallpox or Mpox epidemic. This is important because this older generation vaccinia virus vaccine comes with an unacceptable risk for myo/pericarditis side effects6. A 3rd generation smallpox vaccine (Jynneos) requires 2 doses and is limited in manufacturability and cost for population wide use, further highlighting the potential value of TNX-801 in biodefense preparedness and epidemic response.

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TNX-801 is an investigational new biologic and has not been approved for any indication.