Tonix is investing in domestic, in-house, research & development and manufacturing to accelerate development timelines and improve the ability to respond to pandemics.

Research and Development Center

Frederick, Maryland

Tonix’s 48,000 square foot Research and Development Center (RDC) in Frederick, Maryland supports its expanding infectious disease pipeline by accelerating internal discovery and development of vaccines and antiviral drugs against COVID-19, its variants, and other infectious diseases. The facility also houses research advancing CNS and immunology drugs. Acquired in October 2021, the main building is constructed as a Biosafety Level (BSL)-2 facility, with some areas designated BSL-3 so that research may be conducted on live SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens. At full capacity, the RDC can employ 80-100 scientists and technical support staff.

Advanced Development Center

North Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Tonix’s 45,000 square foot Advanced Development Center (ADC) in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts is partially operational as of 2Q 2022. Originally purchased in September 2020, the  facility houses Tonix’s ADC for accelerated research, development, and analytical capabilities, as well as the production of clinical trial scale vaccines for infectious diseases.

Plans for the ADC include single-use bioreactors and purification suites with equipment for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) production of vaccines for clinical trials, including when fully operational, the capability of producing sterile vaccines in glass bottles. The ADC is intended to be Biosafety Level (BSL)-2. At full capacity, the facility can employ up to 70 researchers, scientists, manufacturing, and technical support staff.