About Tonix Pharmaceuticals

Our mission is to improve the lives of patients by identifying, researching, and developing promising therapies which have the potential to address needs not currently fulfilled by existing products.

Since its formation in 2011, Tonix Pharmaceuticals has been dedicated to developing therapeutics that improve the lives of patients suffering from chronic conditions. Today , our programs primarily focus on central nervous system (CNS) and immunology indications. Our initial research efforts were directed at CNS disorders and diseases, a therapeutic area that still has tremendous unmet needs, yet has been largely abandoned by some big pharma. Our development programs in this area include repurposed and reformulated drugs, new chemical entities (NCEs) developed in-house and in-licensed compounds. We are pursuing several therapies which target CNS conditions, including fibromyalgia (TNX-102 SL), psychiatric disorders (TNX-102 SL, TNX-601, TNX-1600), migraine headaches (TNX-1900), substance abuse (TNX-1300, TNX-102 SL), as well as complications of neurological disorders (TNX-102 SL).

While Tonix continues its legacy of developing small molecules for CNS disorders, the therapeutic scope of its efforts has expanded by initiating research and development programs in immunology. Adding immunology as a targeted therapeutic area complements the scientific research and drug development achievements in immunology of the co-founder and CEO of Tonix, Dr. Seth Lederman (see bio under Management Team tab). This expansion into immunology and biologics began with a collaborative research program conducted by academic scientists and sponsored by Tonix, to develop a smallpox vaccine (TNX-801) that could be part of a biodefense strategy should the smallpox virus return. While this platform is still being pursued, it has also allowed Tonix and its collaborators to rapidly modify the original vaccine to become a potential durable vaccine for COVID-19 (TNX-1800 as well as TNX-1810, TNX-1820, TNX-1830). Other collaborations have recently been established to develop two other COVID-19 vaccines (TNX-2300, TNX-2600) as well innovative approaches to treat gastric and pancreatic cancer (TNX-1700) and organ transplant rejection and autoimmune disorders (TNX-1500).

From its early beginnings as a start-up development-stage pharmaceutical company focusing on CNS disorders and relying on in-house discovery, Tonix has transformed into a company that now includes biologic product candidates targeting an array of immunological disorders and cancer. This transformation has in part come about through the creation of collaborations with world-class academic and non-profit research organizations as well as the in-licensing of promising product candidates from other biotech companies. Tonix takes pride in its evolution to an integrated biotechnology company which not only seeks to address the unmet needs of patients, but also some of the world’s greatest public health challenges.

Looking forward, Tonix will continue to take on difficult problems and take a proactive stance to advance the science and understanding of diseases, and discover innovative new leads with the goal of delivering products that improve the health and lives of people.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals is a publicly traded company and is listed on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker TNXP.

All potential products listed above are investigational new drugs or biologics and have not been approved for any indication.